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 Crazy 3 V 1....

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PostSubject: Crazy 3 V 1....   Sat Mar 31, 2012 1:30 am

In a free battle lobby everything seemed normal i thought i had decent teamates and they all had mic's so i thought this was a sure win...
The match started normally with my team speading out and spotting enemies until i saw MEMBER DESTROYED pop up across the screen twice in rapid succession. i then heard my team complaining about pile drivers when a enemy destroyed popped up. he got lucky with energy swords but was quickly killed afterwards. Thus leaving me in a 3v1. I immediatley pannicked knowing that i had pulled off 2v1's before but never anything like this. they were armed with chainguns and energy rifles. i saw one of them and quickly dodged behind him and opened fire with my dual chainguns. He went down in a matter of seconds but took about half my ammo with him. His other two team members quickly came over and started tearing me up. (at this point im at about 20000 AP) I hurried to dash away and opened fire as they rounded a corner. His team mate was nowhere to be seen. After the guy who orunded the corner died i had about 12000 AP left and almost no chaingun ammo. When i finally decide to gain some height and look around for the last enemy i am rewarded with chaingun fire to the back. I turn around and see nothing. I place some recon down and locate him on the other side of the building and fly over the top and open fire with my battle rifles. The battle rifles tear chunks off of his AP hes down to 14000 AP and im at 8000 AP. I finally think to myself, ''i just might win this...'' Right as my teammates start yelling, ''oooooh maan hes gonna win it!!!'' I round a few corners and see that he is out on the water and i boost over as fast as i can to see that he is trying to run away while i open fire and bring him down 2000 AP a shot. He finally goes down and i have 8000 AP left.... afterwards i got 2 team invites in that lobby... Too bad i like this team so much Razz
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Crazy 3 V 1....
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